Develops sensors that monitor statics

We hear about startups every day. They are start-ups that bring technological advances and fresh ideas. Petr Klokočnik refutes the idea that they must be led by a visionary twentieth. The 47-year-old businessman from Liberec decided to expand into a new area. It has been developing a company specializing in statics sensors for a year.

„I’ve had my fuckups, as they say today,“ he laughs. The kangaroo had been close to the technique since childhood. As a boy, he went to technical circles in the 1980s, where he learned to solder and program. During his studies he worked in the academic sphere in England and the United States, from which he later returned to Prague. He took over his father’s IT company 15 years ago, and today he is starting a new project with the help of the business incubator LiPoink.

“My dad founded Cotrex in 1990. He started selling and servicing computer technology. At one point, society seemed to be going bankrupt, so he offered me to take over and try to save it,” says Klokočník, who at the time was more likely to be a scientist. Yet he finally found his relationship with business.

The company managed to stabilize under its new management and today it is regularly profitable. After 15 years in the management of a company with ten employees, Klokočník began to look at what he could try new. Always fascinated by technological trends, he focused his attention on the Internet.

“About a year ago, I began to develop sensors that detect the movement of bridges, highways or even churches. Thanks to wireless technology we don’t need to pull kilometers of wires, so installation is much faster and cheaper. With the help of efficient data transfer, the sensors can last up to ten years, which was not conceivable in the past.”

The technical enthusiast had no experience building a greenfield business, so he decided to ask for help. He turned to or the Liberec Business Incubator established by the Liberec Region with his idea. Among other things, he offered consultations to business people and start-ups. Klokocnik’s startup Statotest also joined the ambulance.

“Unlike private coaches, this is much more affordable. Every two to three weeks I go to the incubator director Phillip Roden to discuss how the project should develop. also advises me on marketing or design, which are all things that I do not know much about, ” describes the client of LIP.Inku.

In addition, the incubator organizes informal events where not only business people meet and make new contacts. This creates ideas and collaborations that otherwise might not even see the light of day. They can also share experiences, ideas or draw attention to the weak points of individual projects.

“It can be seen that the coming generation has a completely different approach to me. Today, everything is labeled with modern words, and the appearance of the product is much solved. I want to go with the times, so I still have to learn new things. On the other hand, I hope that I, too, have something to offer my younger colleagues. I have had good and worse times with my company and I also know how to communicate with authorities, ” says Klokočník.

The Liberec man still devotes most of his time to the company founded by his father almost 30 years ago and from which he funds the new project. In addition, Statotest employs other people. Startupista believes his company will supply sensors to its first customers during the fall, especially from the public sector. He will continue to work on improving them.

“Support for startups makes sense to me. In regions such as the Liberec Region, they have the potential to create new jobs as well as to raise the level of technical infrastructure and to increase interest in technology as such. They have been supported abroad for a long time and it is apparent that many people have found work in them. Other positions are offered by companies that cooperate with startups,” adds Klokočník.

Source: Liberecký deník