Load tests on Prague’s Vyton bridge

On 20.11.2020 static and dynamic tests were carried out on the major transport and highly publicized bridge in Vyton, Prague. We were invited to assist at this time-consuming and technically demanding event by Mr. doc. Ing Pavel Ryjacek.

Together with CVUT and several other entities, the bridge was measured at night using several technologies. Devices and techniques used included: classic strain gauge, accelerometers, inclinometers, geodetic radar measurements, acoustic emissions.

According to the prepared plan, two 87-ton locomotives 363-ESO were running on the bridge all night.
The results will be compared with the 3D bridge model processed by the finite element method.

Our solution:

Two wireless Accelerometer sensors to measure acceleration (g) have been installed on the bridge for a prolonged period of time. One arch of the bridge was fitted with 10 inclinometers for testing purposes.

Main advantages:

  • Easy installation and disassembly using magnets
  • Very low operating costs
  • Online data in charts
  • Quick evaluation
  • Low-power hardware

Complete project for download