Where this idea came from

The inspiration for the Statotest project stemmed from the challenges faced in building construction in recent years. Specifically, issues such as the Troja footbridge in Prague, the large bridge in Genoa, Italy, the slopes of the D8 motorway, and rocks posing threats to homes along the CZ-Germany border in Hrensko. Addressing these challenges could not only prevent and protect our own houses and bridges but also potentially save lives.

I enlisted the help of two developers from my family’s IT company and initiated the development of the system. With a background in computer systems and a degree in technical cybernetics from the Czech Technical University (CTU), I have long been involved in measuring and analyzing data, even during several stays abroad. This project represents a significant step toward creating an expert system capable of evaluating building problems. I am optimistic that the system will realize our goals and contribute to a safer and more secure future.


Our technology provides an overview of construction conditions, giving information for decisions, enabling planning and prioritization. Instant warnings can save lives by providing time to implement appropriate measures.

Our technology also has the potential to minimize CO2 emissions. Administrators can prioritize, and the lifespan of many structures can be significantly extended.

Our Mission

No bridge will ever fall again!

Our Vision

Within building monitoring, we showcase alternative solutions. We aspire to become a thriving tech company that prioritizes its employees, adheres to sustainable development practices, and champions environmental responsibility.

Ing. Petr Klokočník

Managing Director

Petr Klokočník - CEO Statotest

U Jezu 525/4, 460 01 Liberec