Where this idea came from

The inspiration for the Statotest project has been the problems of building construction in recent years. Specifically, the Troja footbridge in Prague, the large bridge in Genoa, Italy, the slopes of the D8 motorway and rocks threatening the houses on CZ Germany borders in Hrensko. After all, it would be possible to prevent and protect not only our own houses and bridges, but also unnecessarily wasted human lives.I took two developers from my family IT company and started developing the system. I am close to the computer systems for a long time. I studied technical cybernetics at the Czech Technical University (CTU) and even during several stays abroad I was still measuring and analyzing something. It is already a step towards an expert system evaluating the problems of buildings. I hope that the system will fulfill our plans and help to a better and safer life in the future.

Our Mission

No bridge will ever fall again

Our Vision

We show other solutions in the building monitoring. We want to be a growing technology company that cares for its employees, maintains sustainable development rules and is environmentally friendly.

Company Plan

We are developing other types of sensors for more accurate evaluation of various types of installations and problems. Specifically, it is a geocamera that monitors and evaluates a greater number of points on the structure.We are also developing a unique sensor with shaped mirrors that can measure minute movements of the structure to tens of meters using reflected laser light.


We are working to improve defect recognition algorithms by analyzing gravity sensors, frequency analysis of vibrations and trends of other parameters. The goal is to warn of defects as reliably as possible without unnecessary false alarms.


Ing. Petr Klokočník

Managing Director



Petr Klokočník - CEO Statotest

U Jezu 525/4, 460 01 Liberec