Monitoring of industrial halls, building structures and equipment

In the case of bulding, industrial and energy structures, it is necessary to ensure safety and uninterrupted operation. The Statotest safety monitoring system can reliably monitor industrial structures, halls and technological equipment according to the requirements of each client.

How does it work?

The Statotest monitoring system continuously monitors the technical stability and safety of buildings through sensors. Data is sent regularly and evaluated in real time, alerts are sent according to preset limits and to selected channels (SMS, email). Our sensors can be mounted almost anywhere and are not dependent on the power supply.

Why choose Statotest?

  • Innovative and sophisticated cloud portal for managing all your constructions with the possibility of intelligent filters and exports, preview management, documentation insertion, photo documentation, integration of digital twin elements, etc.
  • Customization according to the needs of individual applications and customers, easy modification or extension thanks to our developed sensors and open system.
  • Mobile apps for smart on-site device management.
  • Easy installation, low installation and operating costs.
  • On-line data in graphs 24/7.
  • Analysis, data visualization and future forecasting for repair and investment decisions.
  • Quick evaluation in customer reports – you get not only data but more importantly information for informed decisions.
  • Immediate alerts in emergency situations (SMS, E-mail) for applying corrective measures.

What can we monitor?

  • tilt, vibration, acceleration
  • displacement
  • stresses in the structure
  • temperature, humidity
  • expansion of spars and joints
  • overall structural stability of post-tensioned beams

If you want to know more, feel free to contact us or arrange a free online consultation.