Become a saviour

Staň se zachráncem

Summer is in full swing and with it trips and vacations. Are you planning to discover the beauty of the Czech Republic this year? If so, then you have the opportunity to become a saviour!

Help us save buildings in need of repair as part of the “Become a Rescuer” event. It can be observation towers, footbridges, bridges, walls, industrial halls or trees. And not only from trips but also from your immediate surroundings. We will review your tips and if a building inspection is really necessary, we will do our best to make it happen.

Our goal (and the goal of the Become a saviour event) is to ensure that the problems of building constructions from recent years do not repeat themselves. Specifically, for example, the Trojská lávka in Prague fell, a large bridge in Genoa, Italy, or boulders threatening houses in Hřensk. We want to save buildings, bridges but also human lives. Will you be part of our mission?

Feel free to send us a tip at, or leave us a message or comment on our social networks. Become a saviour!