New customer portal

Nový zákaznický portál Statotest

We have another news for you. This time we focused and completely redesigned the customer portal. You can log into it easily from our website from the Portal section. And what new will you find in it?

Previews of all your constructions are now much clearer. At a glance, you can see problematic devices that are running out of battery, not communicating, or reporting some other problem

You can link integrated PowerBI reports and reports with other data sources. Data export can also be obtained via multiple devices or via the entire structure. And because we want you to be as well informed as possible, we have worked on a notification system that you will receive via SMS and e-mail.

And we didn’t forget the graphics either. We have improved charts, maps and images. Judge for yourself!

Not only do we want no more bridges to fall, but we also care that you find everything you need with us. Simple and, above all, clear.

New customer web portal
New customer web portal