Statotest is a part of the European Space Agency´s business incubator!

Statotest became a part of the European Space Agency´s business incubator. Its aim is to help startups get their ideas off the ground. ESA is searching for projects that re-purpose existing space tech on the non-space market or introduce innovative non-space tech in the space market. We will also be part of the space Innovation environment via our new offices in Prague. „We are looking forward to sharing our ideas with the high-tech community in the space centre. This should help us to move forward significantly, “ says Petr Klokočník, CEO.

The comprehensive Statotest monitoring system represents a modern and unique technology that continuously and in long-term measures and records selected physical quantities indicating the current state of building structures. For our customers, we offer comprehensive services related to the design of monitoring, its implementation, creation of reports, notification of changes, data analysis and visualization, and prediction based on artificial intelligence. We can provide measurements of large structures, bridges, retaining walls, geological formations, masts, towers, and equipment for industry and energy.