Construction companies, designers, geologists and other experts

Are you looking for a tool for long-term monitoring of buildings? Or, on the contrary, a solution for a one-time check, such as a stress test? This and much more will be ensured by the Statotest security monitoring system. We will become a reliable partner for your construction.

How does it work?

The Statotest monitoring system continuously monitors the technical safety of buildings through sensors. Data is sent regularly and evaluated in real time, alerts are sent according to preset limits and to selected channels (SMS, email). Our sensors can be mounted at almost any time and are not dependent on the power supply.

With the STATOTEST online monitoring system we can monitor the safety of the builder and the construction site in terms of compliance with the required technological procedures.

Of course, we also have dynamic measurement kits. The dynamic measurement system can offer up to several hundred measurements of defined values per second (typically at a frequency of 500 Hz/s). Such a set can be rented for individual dynamic measurements, e.g. of road or rail bridges.

Our systems have many possible applications, namely before construction (subsoil monitoring), during construction (monitoring of safety but also stability, compliance with technological procedures, etc.), the structure itself (long term monitoring – including historic buildings, loft buildings, etc.), during stress tests (dynamic testing using our sensors – our references include participation in a dynamic test in the vault of a church) or when monitoring risk areas around the structure (rock falls, landslides).

Why to choose us?

  • Innovative, intuitive and sophisticated cloud portal for managing all your designs with the possibility of intelligent filters and exports, preview management, documentation, photo documentation, integration of digital twin elements, etc.
  • Customization according to the needs of each application easy modification / extension thanks to our developed sensors
  • Easy to install, maintenance-free, low installation and operating costs
  • Mobile app for smart on-site device management
  • On-line data in graphs 24/7
  • Quick evaluation in customer reports – you get the information to make informed decisions
  • Immediate alerts in emergency situations (SMS, Email) to apply corrective measures on site

What can we monitor?

  • Construction sites, process units, correct implementation of technological regulations and procedures
  • Buildings
  • Walls – retaining, auxiliary, etc.
  • Bridges and footbridges
  • Geological formations, areas

References of our projects can be found here.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us. Or arrange a free online consultation with us.

Petr Klokočník - CEO Statotest

Who we can help?

Our sensors help in many projects of various academic institutions around the world. We measure vibrations, movements, landslides, etc.

We are a reliable partner of experts in fields such as statics and geology. Our sensors can monitor sudden changes in buildings as well as changes in geological formations and thus prevent falls or landslides and thus loss of human life and property.

Citizens want safe bridges – our system makes this possible!

It can be road, or railway infrastructure. However, it can also be about gas pipelines and oil pipelines. In all these cases, we have a solution to ensure their trouble-free functionality and safety.

Industrial parks and their production or storage halls are essential investments, the quality and safety of which must be monitored – Statotest will help here as well


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