Statotest awarded in neighbouring Germany

We were recently awarded first place in the Leipzig Public Value Award. This recognition is a key milestone for us and we are looking forward to the new opportunities and collaborations that this will open up for us.

The Leipzig Public Value Award is a renowned award that highlights start-ups with a positive social impact of their products and services. The award aims to encourage and motivate young companies to engage in activities that add value to the public sector. The evaluation is carried out using the Public Value Scorecard method, which analyses companies along five key dimensions: mission fulfilment, improvement of quality of life, promotion of social cohesion, ethical behaviour and impact on the economy.

What does this mean for us?

As our colleague Michal Resl says: “The award is a key recognition for us, as it confirms the potential of our product to help cities on their way to digitalisation and modernisation of infrastructure management.”

Statotest thus becomes an example of the successful combination of technological innovation and positive social impact, a trend that is increasingly gaining ground in the world of start-ups. For us, the Leipzig Public Value Award not only highlights the importance of innovation in the public sector, but also shows how young technology companies can contribute to improving the quality of life in cities and promote sustainable development.