We are expanding abroad

Rozrůstáme se do zahraničí

We are currently very happy with the project that is being launched in Brazil and whose preparations are at their peak. This federal republic with more than 200 million inhabitants represents a large and very interesting market for us. That is why we are pleased that the company from São Paulo wants to become our partner and will represent us in the South American market.

Companies from Japan or Italy have also shown interest in becoming our partners. In Austria, we cooperate with a company from Vienna, which deals with the measurement of constructions. Together, we are now creating a system for short-term measurements of structures using a large number of sensors.

We watch not only bridges and observation towers but also treetops. You can also find our wireless sensors in Great Britain, where we are preparing a system for monitoring the effect of environmental changes on tree health.

We look forward to where our collaboration will take us.