bridge over the elbe, kladruby- řečany

Most přes Labe Kladruby - Řečany

The bridge over the Elbe river connecting Kladruby and Řečany is in a very bad condition. It has to serve people for some time yet, as it is the only link between the two shores.

Our solution

A camera and 6 sensors are installed on the bridge, which record the vibrations of individual parts of the bridge.

The installation also includes a camera system that takes pictures of the moving vehicle in the event of an earthquake. At the same time, the system evaluates the type of vehicles and how much the bridge is overloaded.

Advantages of the solution

  •  Low operating costs.
  •  Monitoring of local issues.
  •  Online data in graphs.
  •  Quick evaluation.

Customer: ČVÚT Praha; Realisation: 05/2021 – 10/2025

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