Sudovo bridges near benešov

Soumostí Sudovo u Benešova

In 2020-21, a new double-track reinforced concrete interchange was built near Benešov. The owner of the bridges approached the Czech Technical University FSV Praha, and monitoring of the structure for a period of 5 years was subsequently agreed upon.

Our solution

Individual expansion joints were fitted with resistance dilatometers. In several places, resistance strain gauges were ground into both tracks. A total of 16 strain gauges and 11 dilatometers and weather stations were installed. In total, there are 8 sensors with external sensors on a pair of strain gauges and a pair of attachment thermometers. Strain gauges are connected in a semi-bridge connection, where one is measuring and the other serves to compensate for temperature changes.

Advantages of the solution

  •  Easy assembly and disassembly using magnets.
  •  Very low operating and acquisition costs, saving on 3 km of coaxial cable.
  •  Online data in graphs.
  •  Quick evaluation.

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