Liberec swimming pool

The Liberec swimming pool has been operating for the public for several decades without major reconstruction. However, technical problems in construction and background also increase with age. The biggest problem appears to be cracks in the main pool body due to the seepage of water and the rusted structure supporting the children’s pool.

Our solution

Problematic joints were fitted with resistance dilatometers. Inclinometers and accelerometers were installed on the steel structures to detect tilts and shocks. There are a total of 6 sexter sensors. All sensors measure the temperature at the same time and carry out temperature compensation of the measured values. Reports are generated every month using the detection of anomalies, dips and peaks and prediction of further developments.

Advantages of the solution

  • Easy assembly and disassembly on dowels
  • Very low operating and acquisition costs
  • Online data in graphs
  • Rapid evaluation of AI element reports

Customer: Město Liberec; Realization: 02/2022

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