Kobra Údlice composting plant

According to the customer’s request, a temperature and humidity monitoring system was created in the composted material and the surrounding environment.

Due to the requirements of hygiene stations for the operation of composting units, the customer needs to monitor and document the progress, duration and temperature of the stored material, all while maintaining the prescribed humidity.

Our solution

Based on this requirement, we created a sensor system that measures the temperature at a depth of approx. 1400 mm in
composted material, then the humidity in the material and the temperature of the environment. All data is transferred to the cloud, is accessible at any time, and reports are created from the collected data at regular monthly intervals, which are used to document compliance with the prescribed conditions and as a basis for possible inspections.

Advantages of  the solution

  • Low operating costs 
  • The place where the values are subtracted can be changed very easily according to the customer’s needs 
  • Online data is immediately accessible 
  • Automated reports created for the needs of composting plants
  • Ability to alert on abnormal situations

Customer: KOBRA Údlice s.r.o. Realization: 08/2022

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