Townhall in česká lípa

radnice v České Lípě

The Town Hall in Česká Lípa is a historic building that has been overlooking the square for several centuries. The beam structure of the roof and the town hall tower were extensively damaged by fungus and wood-destroying insects. Repairs were made, and some beams were strengthened, however, the structural engineer assessed the need for monitoring. Temperature and humidity were monitored last year.

Our solution

This year we added our sensors for online temperature and humidity monitoring and two sensors for monitoring the tilt and vibration of the critical tower structure. The data is available online, we send regular monthly reports including the detection of anomalies and trends, and sudden events generate SMS and email notifications.

Advantages of the solution

  •  Easy assembly and disassembly of screws
  •  Meagre operating costs
  •  Online data in charts 24/7.
  •  Rapid evaluation of reports with elements of artificial intelligence

Customer: Town Česká Lípa; Realization: 03/2022

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